FM Transmitters

High Power FM Transmitter, Medium Power and Low Power FM Transmitters

Output Power 30W to 80.000 watts: Compact or Modular with TCP/IP Web Control, SNMP, Dynamic RDS High quality Stereo Coder FM.
WIRED Line: The Neural Network of Telecommunication Technologies

WIRED is a series of FM Transmitters suitable for any low, medium and high power broadcasting radio station or as a driver for low and medium power Transmitters.

With an output Power from 30 to 80.000 watts, this transmitter is the best radio equipment for any needs. It is an FM Exciter studied specifically to deliver High End Performances and Reliability.
Are available in MONO/MPX and STEREO version. The Stereo Coder can be easy installed on site also after the first installation.

The output power can be continuously adjusted from 30 to 80.000 W, the frequency modulation stability is better than 2 ppm and setting in 10 kHz step from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz Japanese (JPN), Russian (OIRT) and more bands are options available.

The WIRED Line broadcast transmitter have all built in stereo encoders. Specially designed for high power fm driven by low power fm exciters, are produced at any range of power level to be connected with a coax cable to a big dipole antenna system array. These family of radio transmitter, installed on an fm radio station can power fm at the high quality audio source fm stereo, fm mono, fm MPX or fm AES/EBU, digital or analogue. The most exigent radio broadcaster will enjoy fm broadcasting their radio stations with this family of solid state, fm professional grade fm transmitters with internal or external stereo generator or sound processor.
TCP/IP SNMP telemetry and remote control are available as an option.

The integrated CPU card allows a large number of monitoring parameter.

An user-friendly menu visualized in a clear LCD display allows the configuration and setting of all the working parameters and the monitoring of the operating values.

  • SYNAPSE: Low Power FM Transmitter and Commercial FM Transmitter

  • AXON: High End Compact Low Power and Medium Power FM Transmitter

  • NEURAL: DDS Direct Digital synthesis Compact Low Power and Medium Power FM Transmitter

  • SENSOR: Medium Power FM Transmitters made of Amplifier and Exciter Union

  • CORTEX: High Power Modular Architecture FM Transmitters

  • CELL: FM Amplifier module & RF Pulse Amplifier

  • GYRUS: High Power Modular Combined Architecture FM and RF Amplifiers

To better understand how the wide range of products are organized in our catalogue we can divide them by power levels and by architecture as follows

FM Transmitters Family Names by Power Level

The FM Products and Radio Station Equipment Portfolio are divided in the follows categories by power level:

  • Low Power FM Transmitters: SYNAPSE, AXON and NEURAL Series

  • Medium Power Transmitters: SENSOR Series

  • High Power FM Transmitters: CORTEX Series

FM Transmitters Family Names by Architecture

The name of the products categorised but their architecture are:

  • Compact Architecture: SYNAPSE, AXON and NEURAL Series

  • Union or Semi Compact: SENSOR Series

  • Modular Combined: CORTEX Series


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