SYNAPSE is the Low Power FM Broadcast Transmitter best seller in commercial and community radios. Suitable for drive-in movie theaters.

Output Power from 30 to 50 watts:
TCP/IP Web Control, SNMP
High quality Stereo Coder FM, Dynamic RDS with TMC Fucntion.

SYNAPSE FM Transmitters is the Best Seller for Commercial and Community Radio Stations, with Frequency Modulation from 88 to 108 MHz in Stereo FM, Mono or MPX Audio Base Band Input.
it is the most suitable transmitter for use in Drive-in cinema movie, theater, religious ceremonies and live concerts

SYNAPSE is a series of FM Exciters suitable as a low power broadcasting radio station or as a driver for low and medium power Transmitters.

Some common questions.

Low frequency fm transmitter, low wattage fm transmitter or low watt fm transmitter, is the same equipment than a Low Power FM Transmitter?
Yes, often people use this terms to call this equipment.

What is the difference between low power fm broadcast transmitter, low power radio transmitter and low power radio station equipment and with the one call Low Power FM Transmitter?
The difference is that a Broadcast equipment is designed to a very professional application in Radio Broadast.
The characteristics of these equipment are of superior quality and reliability than equipmets called Low Power FM Transmitters used for applications like Car low power fm transmitter, to convert line audio input in FM (and then playback this audio line on the radio).
In our broadcast market, all our equipment are designed for broadcast applications, even if for semplicity many people call our Low Power Broadcast FM Transmitters just Low Power FM Transmitter.


With an output Power from 30 to 50 watts, this transmitter is the best equipment for low cost needs. It is an FM Exciter studied specifically to deliver High End Performances at the affordable price of the market.
Are available in MONO/MPX and STEREO version.  The Stereo Coder can be easy installed on site also after the first installation. 
The output power can be continuously adjusted from 30 to 50 W, the frequency modulation stability is better than 2 ppm and setting in 10 kHz step from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz
Japanese (JPN), Russian (OIRT) and more bands are options available.
The equipment is housed into a 1 Unit aluminum cabinet and the PCB Boards are fully tropicalized in order to assure long lifetime in extreme environment conditions with high temperature, dust and Humidity.
TCP/IP SNMP telemetry and remote control are available as an option.
The integrated CPU card allows a large number of monitoring parameter. An user-friendly menu visualized in a clear LCD display allows the configuration and setting of all the working parameters and the monitoring of the operating values.