TEKO BROADCAST-Emetteur FM Professionnelle puor Station Radio
Radio FM Transmitters Low Medium High Power TEKO Broadcast

Emetteur FM pour Station Radio Professionnelle

Emetteurs FM et équipements d'émission FM WIRED Line

Fourniture d’équipement d’émission Broadcast pour Station Radio FM. TEKO Broadcast est spécialisé dans le domaine de la fourniture de matériel radio FM, d’équipements d’émission FM et propose des solutions performantes pour tous vos besoins en transmission de haute technologie et diffusion Radio Une large gamme de produits pour la radio-diffusion radio FM et tous les équipements d’émission, emetteur FM, emetteur radio FM pour la radiodiffusion professionnelle, émetteurs fm tropicalisés. Les laboratoires développent des émetteurs FM analogiques et numériques, des systèmes intégrés à haute puissance et toute une gamme de produits et solutions standards et personnalisées. Nos gammes de produits Broadcast se composent de tout le materiel: Emetteur FM, emetteur FM Haute puissance, emetteur radio FM compact, emetteur FM Compacts, Emetteurs modulaires radio FM, émetteur FM portable, emetteur radio 87.5 à 108 Mhz , emetteurs numériques FM, Émetteur FM stéréo, émetteur FM DDS, emetteurs FM tropicalisés, pilote radio FM, emetteur radio FM amplificateur FM, amplificateur MOSFET FM, équipement d’émission FM de 20W a 60kW

Les produits les plus appropriés pour les radios commerciales, les radios gouvernementales, les radios privées, les radios communautaires et religieuses

  • SYNAPSE: Low Power FM Transmitter and Commercial FM Transmitter

  • AXON: High End Compact Low Power and Medium Power FM Transmitter

  • NEURAL: DDS Direct Digital synthesis Compact Low Power and Medium Power FM Transmitter

  • SENSOR: Medium Power FM Transmitters made of Amplifier and Exciter Union

  • CORTEX: High Power Modular Architecture FM Transmitters

  • CELL: FM Amplifier module & RF Pulse Amplifier

  • GYRUS: High Power Modular Combined Architecture FM and RF Amplifiers

Radio FM Transmitters  TEKO Broadcast

To better understand how the wide range of products are organized in our catalogue we can divide them by power levels and by architecture as follows

FM Transmitters Family Names by Power Level

The FM Products and Radio Station Equipment Portfolio are divided in the follows categories by power level:

  • Low Power FM Transmitters: SYNAPSE, AXON and NEURAL Series

  • Medium Power Transmitters: SENSOR Series

  • High Power FM Transmitters: CORTEX Series

FM Transmitters Family Names by Architecture

The name of the products categorised but their architecture are:

  • Compact Architecture: SYNAPSE, AXON and NEURAL Series

  • Union or Semi Compact: SENSOR Series

  • Modular Combined: CORTEX Series

TEKO Broadcast Intro

TEKO Broadcast is a Telecommunication company born and based in North Italy at Bologna
TEKO Broadcast develop and manufacture High End Professional Broadcasting Equipment installed on most popular Radio Stations of the world.

TEKO Broadcast Is a world leader providing Broadcasting Systems and Services for Government and Private Customers.

RF Design

TEKO Broadcast Designs and Develop RF  Equipment used in Telecommunications, Radio, Television, Science, Industrial, Medical ISM and Military application
Internet of Things Design (IoT)
From 20 years we are specialist on develop WEB Remote control and Monitoring, Microprocessor & Microcomputer System specifically used on Radio and Television Equipment

Telecommunication, Scientific, Medical (ISM) or Military Application

The main focus of TEKO products are on Broadcasting Equipment, but the same technology with small adaptation is used in many Telecommunication, Scientific, Medical (ISM) or Military Application.
In the case of Scientific application the RF Amplifiers, used as a Pulsed RF Amplifier, are driven with a Pulse modulator, in a frequency range between 30MHz to 130MHz.