FM Antenna


For FM Radios Antennas and Radiation antenna Systems. Rugged in construction, designed to be durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions and last for many years.

Select the best antenna for your transmitter

Dipoles, Circular polarized, omnidirectional, directional, panels or yagi. Stainless or aluminum construction. All demountable for easy and cheep transport.

Antenna for FM transmitter

The type of antenna a broadcaster needs depends on many factors: the area they need to cover: rural, metropolitan, city, mixed, flat or mountainous terrain, etc.
There are many types of antennas: directional, omnidirectional, yagi, logarithmic, circular polarization, broadband, tuned, etc.
Depending on the needs of the broadcaster, it is possible to identify antenna systems that meet their coverage needs.
Below is a description of the main features of antenna systems and a guide to choosing the appropriate model.

Why are TEKO antennas superior in performance and quality to those of our competitors?

TEKO antennas are manufactured with durability in mind. Every detail of quality is optimized to ensure that they will work well forever, with no change in performance over the years.
To achieve this we have worked on several fronts:
1) The design of the antenna
2) The quality of the materials used
3) The quality and type of treatments given to materials
4) Etc.
But this would not be sufficient if, due to mistreatment during transport, the antenna would suffer failures or deformations.
For this reason, in TEKO broadcast, we take maniacal care of the packaging.
They are designed with the same care that we design the antennas, to ensure maximum protection during transport and to reduce the cost of transport. 
For this reason our antennas are real jewels, they shine like platinum, maintain this brilliance over the years and retain their value over time.
Starting from the simplest detail, for example, the nut used to fix the antenna to the pole
A standard, steel nut and screw, exposed to the elements, will lock over time. After a year it is impossible to unscrew them.
Our nut is designed specifically for its function, it is not a standard nut, it is manufactured by us.
Made of brass material and then galvanized, larger than the standard one.
This is to avoid corrosion and this blocking phenomenon.
Even after twenty years exposed to the inclemencies of the harshest climate, the fasteners remain perfectly functional. These can be disassembled without damaging the antenna.

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