Tuner FM Receiver

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To monitor the real sound you are broadcasting, a good quality Tuner is necessary.
This will also help you compare your on-air sound with that of your competitors.

What is an FM Tuner and why do I need one in my radio station?

An FM Tuner, also known as Tuner FM Receiver, can capture, tune in to and demotulate incoming FM radio signals – so that they may be further processed before being broadcast to the radio's audience.

The tuner can capture the electromagnetic radio waves that carry the FM radio signals. It then allows you to select a specific FM frequency, so that you may tune in to the radio's own frequency. Once this is done, the tuner then demotulates the FM signal to extract the audio. This audio signal is then processed and interpreted by the relevant equipment in your radio studio (such as the audio processor and the audio mixer) and may undergo equalization, compression, limiting and other adjustments in order to be improved before being finally broadcast through the FM transmitter and antenna system.
The Tuner FM Receiver also allows for accurate signal monitoring and analysis once this has been broadcast.

In simple words, an FM tuner will help you adjust the final audio signal you wish to transmit, make sure that it complies with the standards, and double check that it matches the experience you'd like to offer to your audience – in terms of audio quality and clarity.

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