Dynamic microphones are highly durable and able to handle very high sound pressure levels, making them ideal for live applications and noisy environments.

If you picture the mic that a singer uses on stage, it’s for sure a dynamic microphone.
These microphones do great in noisy environments.
They have a small coil inside sensitive to sound vibrations. As the soundwaves move the coil it generate electrical signal.
The Dynamic microphone don’t need to be powered because it generate electric signal by itself.

Is robust because the magnets and coil inside of dynamic mics are a little more durable compared to other microphones.
The most popular Dynamic Microphone is the Shure SM58. It’s tough and versatile microphone that works well whether you’re on location or recording at your desk.
When you see a live performance in most cases SM58 is on the stage.

PRO61 Audio-Technica,  is other example of very popular Dynamic Microphone.


This uses capacitor diaphragm plates instead of a coil and magnets.

The plates of the capacitor are powered by a 48V Phantom voltage.
The air sound-waves modify the distance between the two plates of the capacitor and so an electrical signal, that represent the form of the air sound-wave, is generated.
Beyond this physical aspect, sound is much more than just technical performance, the practical thing is that Condenser Micsare more sensitive to smaller vibrations than Dynamic Mics.
It produces a more detailed sound and a much wider frequency response than their Dynamic counterparts.
They pick up a very honest and true sound, which make it to be favoured by Radio Studios around the world.

The shortcomings of large diaphragm condenser microphones are part of what makes them so attractive, especially for vocals and spoken word.
The widening pattern at low frequencies attenuate the proximity effect. In other words, the low frequency response remains beautifully lush, even if the speaker moves.
Large diaphragm condenser microphones shape the sound in a pleasing way; it just feels great to hear the own voice on the. headphones.
A good large diaphragm condenser makes you want to sing, want to speak, because you likes what you are hearing on the headphones, “it sounds like you”

Rode NT1-A, Electro Voice RE320, AKG P220 are some popular choice for Condenser Microphone, they are exceptionally versatile as an industry standard microphones.


Shock mounts is necessary to prevent unwanted sounds in your recording, including movements of the mic, tapping, typing, and other vibrations.
The shock mount is compatible with the specific microphone.
All the good quality microphones included their own Shock Mount in the package

Pop Filter/Microphone Muffler/Windscreens

You should also use either a pop filter or microphone muffler to protect the mic and reduce the amount of sharp air hitting it.
A muffler is a round piece of foam that fits over the mic, whereas the pop filter is more like a screen that is attached in front.
Pop Filters/Windscreens help protect your microphone from picking up any harsh noises.
For example, when you say the letters b, p, and t, there are bursts of air that the microphone picks up. Adding this helps to keep your audio levels under control so that those bursts of air do not show up when you are speaking.

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  • HOT PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY for Instant replacement of the power supplies, easy maintenance, without off-air. The power supply plug-in modules can be safely removed from the front panel without interrupting the transmission.
  • SMP: Superior Modular Philosophy
  • MODULARITY with very light amplifier modules (less than 17kg/34lbs each)
  • Maximum Redundancy
  • Ultra compact size 2U for each amplifier module
  • DIRECT INTERNET CONNECTION: all the WIRED Line components have direct connection to internet without the help of any external box or accessories.
  • LOWEST LOST OF POWER OF THE MARKET IN CASE OF FAILURE OF ONE MODULE: Due to combination of 2kW amplifier modules, extremely low output power loss in case of failure.
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  • AIR PROTECTION: all the internal components are designed to avoid the direct contact with the air, mainly the air coming in from the fans, this avoid all the failures produced by the air corrosion.
  • MIRROR Network Mirror System:
  • TOUCH SCREEN BRAIN CONTROL UNIT: The control unit have the specific function to supervise the transmitter, even in case of failure of it (or turned off) manual control of the transmitter guarantee perfect operation.
  • Web control
  • Extremely detailed web control with all main parameters fully controllable and adjustable, available.
  • Weekly scheduler output power for energy consumption optimization management.
  • E-mails configuration available sent for any event.
  • Remotely upgradable