NEURAL - Digital DDS

Digital FM Transmitters and Digital FM Modulator

Digital FM Transmitters and Digital FM Modulator NEURAL DDS Direct digital synthesis Compact architecture Sale to commercial and community radio stations Frequency modulation 88 to 108 MHz 30 to 500 watts 1 and 2 kilowatt NEURAL is a Family of Direct to Channel Digital FM Stereo DDS Exciter, Digital Transmitter and Digital FM Modulator that guarantees a superior transmission quality and top performances. Output power from 30 W to 1200W using High Efficiency last LDMOS technology is housed into an ultra-compact cabinet of only 2U heigh. TX-HE is available also in JPN and OIRT frequencies. TX-HE can be used as ultra-compact stand alone station, as well as driver in complex high power transmitters and N+1 systems. For any application NEURAL is the ultimate solution that meets most demanding customer’ requirements and guarantees professional features at affordable price. • High Efficiency last generation LDMOS technology up to 80% • Very LOW SIGNAL TO NOISE MORE THAN 90 DB v • Very LOW DISTORTION and HIGH STEREO SEPARATION • TOTAL SPECTRAL PURITY: > -100 DBC SPURIOUS, > - 84 DBC HARMONICS • SEVEN SELECTABLE COMPLETE SET-UP: READY FOR USE IN 7+1 SYSTEM • FULL- RANGE POWER SUPPLY: 90-260 VAC MAINS VOLTAGE • COMPLIANT WITH ALL THE STANDARD: ETSI – CCIR - FCC. • DIGITAL STEREO CODER: SUPERIOR STEREO QUALITY • UP TO 75% LDMOS HIGH EFFICIENCY AMPLIFIERS • EXTERNAL 10MHz and 1PPS SYNCHRONIZATION FOR USE ON SFN APPLICATIONS • HIGHEST RF SIGNAL QUALITY • PERFECT AUDIO FIDELITY • REMOTE CONTROL BY TCP/IP: WEB + SNMP OF ALL SIGNAL PARAMETERS • CLEAR CRISTAL AUDIO SOUND • DYNAMIC RDS ENCODER with TMC Function • FULL UECP Protocol to control remotelly all functions of the RDS • SFN-Single Frequency Networks • ASC-Automatic Audio Source Changove Analogue or DIGITAL At the time of select the kind of modulator, often the broadcasters are dilemma to choose between the standard Analogue FM in the The DDS produce exactly the same Frequency modulation as any analogue FM Transmitter or Exciter. Measuring the transmitter with the standard instruments and protocol of an Analogue FM modulator or the new generation of Direct Digital Synthesis FM Modulator The first thing to know is than Digital DDS doesn’t mean the broadcast signal is digital, it only means the process to generate the FM modulation is by means of a digital NCO, Numerical Controlled Oscillator instead of the Analogue VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator. The process is different but the result FM Modulated signal is exactly the same in both cases. Here is important to clarify that the final quality of the radio electrical signal generated is of the same comparable quality and this result depend on each case on the way each VCO or DDS are designed and not on the type of technology choose Even if both technologies are really comparable on quality of the FM Signal generated, each of both technologies have small differences, pro and cons. Standard Analogue VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillator FM Modulator. The analogue VCO generates an FM signal than is pure, the kind of electronic circuit being used is really simple en essential but thank of it the RF FM generated signal is pure, free of any kind of distortion or undesired spurious. In this kind of circuits the input base band audio signal direct drives a Varicap, this component is intrinsically an Analogue FM radio Modulator. Analogue VCO Voltage Controlled FM Modulator Because of this simplicity this circuit is cheep, very reliable and produce an RF FM radio modulation signal Clear, with very good characteristics of Signal to Noise, Harmonic Distortion and Intermodulation Distortion, moreover handles high levels of over modulation compared with the DDS modulator and even in this case they characteristics doesn’t degrade and are always of high quality. Our Line of FM Transmitters using this architecture are The low power Synapse TXL and the line of Compact FM Transmitters AXON TXC Digital DDS Direct Digital Synthesis FM Modulator The main advantage of the Digital modulation is the capability to have more functions included as standard than an Analogue FM Transmitter, in fact, many of the functions given as standard on a DDS Modulator are optional on the Analogue Modulator. The DDS FM Transmitter has standard build inside a complete Professional high performance Stereo Generator, a professional dynamic full optional RDS coder, functions of automatic base band audio change-over and a powerful synchronisation system witch includes 10MHz and 1pps inputs to synchronise several transmitter sites and create a Single Frequency Network. Automatic Change Over Audio.

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