FM Transmitters

AXON-1/Synapse Datasheet Download:

CORTEX 600W to 3kW Datasheet Download:

CORTEX 3kW Datasheet Download:

CORTEX 5kW Datasheet Download:

CORTEX 10kW Datasheet Download:

To better understand how the wide range of products are organized in our catalog, we have divided them by power levels and by architecture, as follows:

FM Broadcast Transmitters Family: Names by Power Level

The FM Products and Radio Station Equipment Portfolios are divided into the following categories by power level:

  • Low Power FM Broadcast Transmitters: AXON and NEURAL Series
  • High Power FM Broadcast Transmitters: CORTEX Series

FM Broadcast Transmitters Family: Names by Architecture

The names of the products categorized by their architecture are:

  • AXON: High End Compact Low Power and Medium Power FM Broadcast Transmitter

How to make the first turn on - SENSOR 2000 FM Broadcast Transmitter

TEKO Broadcast Overviev

AXON FM Broadcast Transmitter: How to setup the first time. Quick Start.

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