Headphone Distributors/Amplifiers

Headphone Distributors/Amplifiers

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What is a Headphone Distributor/Amplifier?

A headphone amplifier is a device that boosts the audio signal from a source, such as a computer, smartphone, or music player, to a level that can drive headphones or speakers. It can improve the sound quality, volume, and dynamics of headphones, especially for high-impedance or low-sensitivity models.

Why do I need a headphone amplifier for broadcasting?

Headphone amplifiers are useful for broadcasting because they allow the broadcaster to monitor the audio output with clarity and accuracy.
They can also provide multiple outputs for different headphones, which is helpful for collaborative broadcasting or interviewing. In the studio there is often more than one person participating in the program. For this reason, a headphone distributor, or amplifier is necessary, in order to connect several users to the same source. That's why they have four, eight or more outputs, matching the number of people in the room. Each output has an independent volume adjuster, so as to allow the user to set a self-comfortable level.

Types of headphone amplifiers and their features

There are different types of headphone amplifiers: portable, desktop, tube, and integrated.
Portable headphone amplifiers are small and battery-powered, and can be connected to portable devices such as smartphones or laptops.
Desktop headphone amplifiers are larger and require external power, and can offer more power and features than portable ones.
Tube headphone amplifiers use vacuum tubes to amplify the audio signal, and can produce a warm and natural sound with harmonic distortion.
Integrated headphone amplifiers are built into other audio devices, such as receivers, preamplifiers, or DACs.

Volume control, equalization, crossfeed, and digital-to-analog conversion are their main features.

What should I consider before buying a headphone amplifier/distributor?

If you are planning to buy a headphone amplifier for your radio studio, you should consider the following factors: your budget, your headphones’ impedance and sensitivity, your audio source and format, your desired sound quality and features, and your space and mobility requirements. You can visit our online store to find some examples of headphone amplifiers for broadcasting, and get a clearer idea of their looks and specifications.

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