On-Air Light

On-Air Light

On-Air light

How do you know a mic in the studio is live?

There is a special light just for that!

What's an on-air light for?

On-air lights, or "broadcast on-air indicators/indicator lights", serve the main purpose of informing everyone in and around the studio that the broadcast recording is in progress.

This helps the broadcasters, including the radio host, to time their presentations and cues, in order to avoid mistakes or unnecessary pauses while on air.

The light also serves the purpose of avoiding any interruptions: when it is on, everyone knows they should remain quiet, and avoid any behaviour that might cause disruption.

Larger radio or television stations will have several studios, and sometimes they might be on air simultaneously. In such a scenario, it is essential that each of them is provided with a broadcast on-air indicator, so as to know which ones are broadcasting and which ones are not.

Finally, the light is a good safety indicator too. In case of emergency, it is indespensable to identify whether a studio is broadcasting or not, so as to apply the right emergency protocol and evacuate the premises properly and promptly.

How do I turn on an on-air light?

On-air lights are automatically turned on/off by the audio mixer console whenever a microphone channel is switched on either by pushing its on-air button or by moving its slider.
Once the light is on, the program is on. The microphone is activated, and the presenter can start the show.

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