IP Link

IP Link

Stream your audio over IP

IP link encoder by Sigmacom Broadcast

What's an IP Link?

Just like STL Links, an IP link allows you to send the audio signal that is generated in your radio studio to a transmission site.
The difference is that, while an STL link uses an antenna system, an IP link offers the advantage of streaming or sending your audio over an Internet Protocol. This makes for a very comfortable way of sending your audio signal – providing a proper, reliable LAN system has been set up on site.

Why IP?

Choosing an IP link to send your audio signal is a convenient as well as an efficient choice. Installing an IP link device is fairly simple, and your transmission will not suffer any physical obstructions such as those that might bother an antenna streaming. However, a stable internet connection is highly recommended for IP streaming. If you don't have access to a reliable and safe network setup, then STL links might be a better choice for you.

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