FM Radio Transmitters

FM Radio Transmitters

Find your the best FM Transmitters for your use: Drive-in, religious events, Community Radio, Government and commercial broadcasting

Used for:

  • Cinema, Movies
  • Theater
  • Church and religious events

Used for:

  • Non-profit Community
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Geographic communities and communities of interest

Used for:

  • Public broadcasting
  • Commercial broadcasting
  • Mass-media broadcasters

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What kind of radios should we build?

When we buy Broadcast Equipment to build an FM Radio Station three factors are to be considered:

  • The type of radio or type of program that the radio should broadcast
  • The future we have in mind for the radio
  • The budget we have available.

There are different types of FM Radios: Local, Community, Regional or National. Commercial, Non-commercial, Educational or Religious.

There are FM Radio Stations that cover a small area with a radius of 10km or less, those that cover an average area, from 30 to 70km and those with a very large coverage of more than 100km in radius.

There are radios that have repeaters and cover large areas. In this case, they cover the points with high population density with a dedicated transmitter.

Last but not least, there are Streaming radios or Web Radios.

The Radio can broadcast rock/pop or classical music programs. It can be a religious or news radio. It can be musical or spoken material.
You have to think if you planning to work alone or with other collaborators?

The radio can born to remain the same over the years or with the ambition to grow, from local to regional or become a national network!.

With these considerations we can choose the most suitable material to buy.

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The following guide describes the specifications to consider before purchasing and shows where to buy in your country or region. Let’s discuss some of the features that we found to be most important when searching for the best FM transmitters for your you Radio:

Luxury FM Radio Transmitters Made in Italy for professional use. Up to 80kW of soft, clean and crystal sound for your Radio Station TEKO Broadcast Distributor of main brands of Broadcast Equipment
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AXON 300 High Performance Stereo 300 watt FM Transmitter
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  • HOT PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY for Instant replacement of the power supplies, easy maintenance, without off-air. The power supply plug-in modules can be safely removed from the front panel without interrupting the transmission.
  • SMP: Superior Modular Philosophy
  • MODULARITY with very light amplifier modules (less than 17kg/34lbs each)
  • Maximum Redundancy
  • Ultra compact size 2U for each amplifier module
  • DIRECT INTERNET CONNECTION: all the WIRED Line components have direct connection to internet without the help of any external box or accessories.
  • LOWEST LOST OF POWER OF THE MARKET IN CASE OF FAILURE OF ONE MODULE: Due to combination of 2kW amplifier modules, extremely low output power loss in case of failure.
  • TOTALLY MADE IN ALLUINUM: for minimum weight and robustness.
  • AIR PROTECTION: all the internal components are designed to avoid the direct contact with the air, mainly the air coming in from the fans, this avoid all the failures produced by the air corrosion.
  • MIRROR Network Mirror System:
  • TOUCH SCREEN BRAIN CONTROL UNIT: The control unit have the specific function to supervise the transmitter, even in case of failure of it (or turned off) manual control of the transmitter guarantee perfect operation.
  • Web control
  • Extremely detailed web control with all main parameters fully controllable and adjustable, available.
  • Weekly scheduler output power for energy consumption optimization management.
  • E-mails configuration available sent for any event.
  • Remotely upgradable