FM Radio Transmitters

FM Radio Transmitters

Find the best FM Transmitters for your use: Drive-In, Religious Events, Community Radio, Government and Commercial Broadcasting

FM Transmitters for:

  • Cinema, Movies
  • Theater
  • Church and religious events

FM Transmitters for:

  • Non-profit Community
  • Voluntary Sector
  • Geographic communities and communities of interest

FM Transmitters for:

  • Public broadcasting
  • Commercial broadcasting
  • Mass-media broadcasters

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What kind of radios should we build?

When we buy Broadcast Equipment to build an FM Radio Station three factors are to be considered:

  • The type of radio or type of program that the radio should broadcast
  • The future we have in mind for the radio
  • The budget we have available

There are different types of FM Radios: Local, Community, Regional or National; Commercial, Non-commercial, Educational or Religious.

There are FM Radio Stations that cover a small area with a radius of 10km or less; those that cover an average area ranging from 30 to 70km; and those with a very large coverage of more than 100km in radius.

There are radios that have repeaters and cover large areas. In this case, they cover the points with high population density with a dedicated transmitter.

Last but not least, there are Streaming radios or Web Radios.

Radios can broadcast rock/pop or classical music programs. They can be a religious or news radios. They can focus on music or spoken material.

You should also consider whether you are planning to work alone or with other collaborators.

Radios can be born to remain the same through the years, or with the ambition to grow, from local to regional, or even become a national network!.

Only with these considerations in mind can we choose the most suitable material to buy.

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