Radio Automation Software

Radio Automation Software

radio automation software

What is a Radio Automation Software?

A Radio Automation Software, or Radio Playout Software, is a type of software, or computer-based system, that is designed to automate most of the processes that are paramount to the standard operation of a studio in a radio station.
The software helps making these procedures as quick and efficient as possible.

What are the main functions of a Radio Playout Software?

Here are some of the main functions of a radio playout software:

Audio Management, Scheduling and Playout

This is the main function that the software has, acting as a scheduler of audio files.
It allows you to create instant playlist which you can then adjust to your liking, choosing the order in which the audio elements are to be played.
The transition between tracks is smooth and the software automatically readjusts the playlist in case of delays, so as to avoid pauses or interruptions.
They are computer programs especially designed to allow continuous audio playback, with exceptional granular control for Announcers and Programme Directors.

Commercial and Ad Management

It is not just the audio tracks that can be scheduled. The software allows you to also store and play jingles, advertisements and commercials. These can be inserted between the audio tracks, so as to alternate different contents and make your program much more dynamic.
Jingles and other audio effects are included too.

Logging and Monitoring

The log is a sequential list of all the audio files and commands that need to be played at certain times.
All the music played on a commercial radio station will be pre-programmed by the Music Director and loaded directly into the log. A separate person will often load all the advertisements into the same log. This function is very important, as radio stations around the world should normally store their information for several months.
The log allows you to do just that: to store and monitor any audio content that is produced and aired via the radio playout software.

Backup and Redundancy

These two safety features guarantee continuos operation even in case of any type of failure. They are very important, as the broadcast is never interrupted, and the backup ensures the radio station can store its content for several months, as normally required.


The software is, of course, automated, and can run the entire broadcast by itself, or can be switched to manual to be adjusted by a human operator.

Remote Access and Control

Some automation softwares have this additional feature, so that the broadcasters may remotely monitor and control them.

System Integration

Radio playouts can also be integrated with other systems, such as traffic information or billing databases, thus allowing for seamless management and operation on all fronts.

Most automation systems also contain a Music Database, Hot Keys (to play ad-hoc audio), an Audio Editor, a Segue Editor (to change the mix between the different elements), Interfaces for Website and RDS data, and a lot more.

What are the best radio automation software?

There are several radio automation software to be found on the market, but two of the absolute best, without a doubt, are ART and FluO.

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