TV Automation Software

TV Automation Software

TV automation software

To properly manage the scheduling and the video stream of a television station, a software is necessary.

This type of software, interfaced with acquisition and playback cards, can receive and send signals from and to the direction.

The main software, which no television studio can do without, is the Playout. It can manage the whole schedule, which is automatically generated based on settings and filters.
Alternatively, it can be used manually to create multimedia content.

It can also manage and schedule commercials and adverts, depending on the station’s needs.

Furthermore, it creates official reports on what is broadcast, thus taking care of the documentation that is to be submitted to the regulatory agents.

There are also other types of software, such as the Video Logger.
These can record continuously - 24/7 - any chosen signal, and make life much easier for those who operate in countries which require you to store all your content for a period of 90 days.

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