Radio Studio Packages

Radio Studio Packages

All the Equipment you need to go On-Air and start Producing,
in Complete Turnkey Solutions

A wide range of complete studio packages of different types and sizes, to suit every broadcaster.
Mainly designed for medium/small radios (local station, community radios, web radios), they combine ease of use, flexibility and robustness.


General composition

Article Description
Broadcast Desk Broadcast desk mod. TECH with anti-scratch surface desktop, 15U side-rack, cylindrical legs, incl. Rack 23U (8U + 15U) optional additional desk for guests with legs and place for hdp distributor
Work Station WORK STATION WS with Playout Basic SW, library & ingest, playlist,adv. management, runtime scheduler, audio editing. 4U Rackmount PC optional Digital Audio Card AES/EBU 4 XLR OUT 4 IN with XLR cable
Monitor LED Monitor 23.6" TN Full HD 1920x1080Display.
Chair Chair for Broadcast desk, technicians and/or guests.
Telephone Telephone set black with incoming call light indicator, Last number redial, Wall mountable, Message waiting indicator, Adjustable earpiece volume: 5 levels.
Telephone Hybrid Telephone Hybrid, 2 lines with 2 GSM Module built in, High audio quality with balanced IN/OUT, ADJ SEND and RECIEVE level.
Headphones Studio Stereo HEADPHONES Closed-back, or Semi Open, dynamic
Headphones Distributor Headphones Distributor 4 or 6 indipendent OUT with level control.
Microphone Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone, Cardioid Condenser Element, Spider shockmount, Low Frequency Roll-Off, 20dB Pad.
Mic Arm Mic Arm Table or Adjustable
Tuner Professional 19” AM/FM RDS tuner controllable via RS232 or infrared.FM tuning range : 87.5 – 108 MHz,522 – 1611 kHz. Presets : 40, 230 VAC/50 Hz, 1U Rack, 230 VAC/50 Hz
Digital Tuner Digital AM/FM Tuner with RDS, Auto Search & PLL Quartz Synthesizer Tuner, 20 station memory presets, Search by program type - Music, News, Economics, Weather, Sports, Educational, Drama, Arts & Culture and Science, IR remote control included
Mixer Professional Modular Broadcast Mixer FRAME 6-8-12-16 channels Analogue or Digital, BLUETOOTH. Digital display with clock and time.
Audio Processor 3 or 6 Bands FM Audio Processor with Built-in RDS encoder & stereo Generator. Graphic Display, incremental encoder. 60dB 30- 15KHz Stereo separation, RDS 25 PS, 25 Radiotext (64 fonts), 24 AF lists. Inputs: SCA, analog on blanced XLR.
GSM Gateway GSM gateway Dial 103, Dual-Band 900/1800 MHz, High audio quality. Incl. external antenna.
CD Player "Cd Player WAW/MP3 with USB , jog dial for search/scan, Auto-cue. Fader start play.
Active Speakers Pair of Active studio Monitor, LF Driver: 4,5" (114 mm) Kevlar, HF Driver: 1" (25 mm) silk dome, Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 20 kHz, Crossover Frequency: 2,8 kHz, LF Amplifier Power: 25W for speaker, Peak SPL (@ 1 meter): 100 dB, Input Impedance: 10 kOhms
Recorder Solid State Recorder WAV & MP3 to Compact Flash, SD/SHC, and USB memory. Parallel and RS-232C serial control balanced & unbalanced I/O, and coaxial digital I/O. It supports the RC-20 direct play remote for up to 20 tracks of flash start.
UPS UPS 1,5KVA (1500 VA) 10' Autonomy, 3x12V 9Ah. ON-Line Technology Dual Conversion, Wide input range, programmable output plugs, LCD Display, Frequency Converter 50/60 Hz function, EPO (Emergency Power Off) Function, Automatic/manual By-pass. 2U rack.
Switch Hub 8-Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Media Switch for multiple media devices connection to networks at blazing-fast Gigabit simultaneously.
On-Air Light Professional ON AIR Light for Broadcast Facilities. Polycarbonate Graphic Panel, Laser cut. RJ45 connection, operating and Output Voltage 12 Vdc. Current 330 mA. Input Voltage 100-240Vac. Product Dim.: W 38,3cm D 4,2 cm H 13,5 cm 1 Kg.
Prewiring Prewiring ON AIR STUDIO and PRODUCTION STUDIO including: cables, connectors, interconnection cables (100 Mt.Balanced audio cable, 100 MPX cable, 100 Mt. Lan Cable) and factory test.

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