Radio Studio Packages

Radio Studio Packages

All Equipments to go On Air and Produce in a Complete Turnkey Solution

A wide range of complete studio packages to suit broadcasters of different types and sizes.
Mainly design for medium/small radios (local station, community radios, web radios) combines ease of use, flexibility and robustness.


General composition

Article Description
Broadcast Desk Broadcast desk mod. TECH with anti-scratch surface desktop, 15U side-rack, cylindrical legs, incl. Rack 23U (8U + 15U) optional additional desk for guests with legs and place for hdp distributor
Work Station WORK STATION WS with Playout Basic SW, library & ingest, playlist,adv. management, runtime scheduler, audio editing. 4U Rackmount PC optional Digital Audio Card AES/EBU 4 XLR OUT 4 IN with XLR cable
Monitor LED Monitor 23.6" TN Full HD 1920x1080Display.
Chair Chair for Broadcast desk, technicians and/or guests.
Telephone Telephone set black with incoming call light indicator, Last number redial, Wall mountable, Message waiting indicator, Adjustable earpiece volume: 5 levels.
Telephone Hybrid Telephone Hybrid, 2 lines with 2 GSM Module built in, High audio quality with balanced IN/OUT, ADJ SEND and RECIEVE level.
Headphones Studio Stereo HEADPHONES Closed-back, or Semi Open, dynamic
Headphones Distributor Headphones Distributor 4 or 6 indipendent OUT with level control.
Microphone Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone, Cardioid Condenser Element, Spider shockmount, Low Frequency Roll-Off, 20dB Pad.
Mic Arm Mic Arm Table or Adjustable
Tuner Professional 19” AM/FM RDS tuner controllable via RS232 or infrared.FM tuning range : 87.5 – 108 MHz,522 – 1611 kHz. Presets : 40, 230 VAC/50 Hz, 1U Rack, 230 VAC/50 Hz
Tuner Digital AM/FM Tuner with RDS, Auto Search & PLL Quartz Synthesizer Tuner, 20 station memory presets, Search by program type - Music, News, Economics, Weather, Sports, Educational, Drama, Arts & Culture and Science, IR remote control included
Mixer Professional Modular Broadcast Mixer FRAME 6-8-12-16 channels Analogue or Digital, BLUETOOTH. Digital display with clock and time.
Audio Processor 3 or 6 Bands FM Audio Processor with Built-in RDS encoder & stereo Generator. Graphic Display, incremental encoder. 60dB 30- 15KHz Stereo separation, RDS 25 PS, 25 Radiotext (64 fonts), 24 AF lists. Inputs: SCA, analog on blanced XLR.
GSM Gateway GSM gateway Dial 103, Dual-Band 900/1800 MHz, High audio quality. Incl. external antenna.
Cd Player "Cd Player WAW/MP3 with USB , jog dial for search/scan, Auto-cue. Fader start play.
Active Speaker Pair of Active studio Monitor, LF Driver: 4,5" (114 mm) Kevlar, HF Driver: 1" (25 mm) silk dome, Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 20 kHz, Crossover Frequency: 2,8 kHz, LF Amplifier Power: 25W for speaker, Peak SPL (@ 1 meter): 100 dB, Input Impedance: 10 kOhms
Recorder Solid State Recorder WAV & MP3 to Compact Flash, SD/SHC, and USB memory. Parallel and RS-232C serial control balanced & unbalanced I/O, and coaxial digital I/O. It supports the RC-20 direct play remote for up to 20 tracks of flash start.
UPS UPS 1,5KVA (1500 VA) 10' Autonomy, 3x12V 9Ah. ON-Line Technology Dual Conversion, Wide input range, programmable output plugs, LCD Display, Frequency Converter 50/60 Hz function, EPO (Emergency Power Off) Function, Automatic/manual By-pass. 2U rack.
Switch Hub 8-Port Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Media Switch for multiple media devices connection to networks at blazing-fast Gigabit simultaneously.
On Air Light Professional ON AIR Light for Broadcast Facilities. Polycarbonate Graphic Panel, Laser cut. RJ45 connection, operating and Output Voltage 12 Vdc. Current 330 mA. Input Voltage 100-240Vac. Product Dim.: W 38,3cm D 4,2 cm H 13,5 cm 1 Kg.
Prewiring Prewiring ON AIR STUDIO and PRODUCTION STUDIO including: cables, connectors, interconnection cables (100 Mt.Balanced audio cable, 100 MPX cable, 100 Mt. Lan Cable) and factory test.

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