Studio Accessories

Studio Accessories

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Here is a list of the accessories that you might need to further complete your Radio Studio:

  1. Mic Arm
  2. CD player
  3. Talent Panel
  4. Soundproofing Panels/ Acoustic panels/ Studio Foam Wedges

1. Mic Arm

Mic Arm, white

Studio microphones are often mounted on a special arm that keeps the microphone at the proper height.

A Mic Arm helps you move the mic around and adjust it to your liking.
These arms often extend over the audio console, computer monitors, and other equipment – leaving plenty of free table space for other instruments and paper.

2. CD Player

CD MP3 USB Player

Even though nowadays most of the music comes from some MP3 source, you still need a CD Player of good quality to play music.

The CD Player is used even just as a backup, or as a way to capture old archival material.

3. Talent Panel

If you are planning on having guests on your radio show, it is important to get a Talent Panel.

With a Talent Panel, guests can control their own headphones and microphone.

It would be smart to place the Talent Panel in front of the guest’s microphone.
In fact, while the Main Announcer or Panel Operator controls everything via the Audio Console, guests often need their own individual control for headphone levels, cough mute and mic on/off.
Most panels include a headphone jack, and some also contain an XLR connector for the microphone.

4. Soundproofing Panels/ Acoustic Panels/ Studio Foam Wedges

Adding some soundproofing to your studio can really help you to improve the overall audio quality – especially if there is a lot of reverb or echo.

Foam Soundproofing Panels are the last piece of the "audio puzzle". They come in a variety of sizes and can be purchased cheaply.
If placed strategically in your broadcast area, they are an excellent way to cancel out any remaining ambient and background sounds such as street noise.

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