Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Hollyland Mars T1000 intercom system, black

What's an Intercom System and what is it used for?

An intercom - or wirless transmitters - system is a device that allows people to communicate over a short distance.
Intercom systems can be wired or wireless and they are used for a variety of purposes, usually connecting multiple people across several rooms or spaces.

Intercom Systems in TV studios

In a TV studio, an intercom system becomes an essential piece of equipment, guaranteeing rapid and efficient communication between directors, cameramen and all the members of staff of a television program.

The director is the one who gets the most out of this device, as he has the power to instruct - explaining what to do, what to capture, where to point the cameras, etc. - even those who are not within his immediate visual field.

These systems can be wired (usually for direction and cameramen) or radio-controlled (scene directors, audio operators, etc.); small and compact, perfect for any type of environment and able to cover a wide range of distances.

Their lithium batteries normally last for many hours, giving the operators the chance to work all day on one cycle of charge.

Wireless transmitters are brilliant tools when it comes to shooting television, film, or just video in general, as they offer extreme flexibility and adaptability.

In complex video and TV studios, intercom systems guarantee smooth communication between the different areas and all the people involved, having the possibility to switch from one system to another via software-controlled routers.

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