Studio Clock

Studio Clocks

digital studio clock, black with red lights

As much as they may seem trivial accessories, studio clocks are essential, when it comes to timing the program's schedule. They represent a point of reference for all the members of the crew.

What's a studio clock?

Studio clocks are high-precision devices that are used to keep the time and synchronize audio and video equipment in a recording and production studio, which is to say in broadcasting environment.
In such working spaces, all equipment must be synchronized with the same time – in order to avoid delays and similar issues. This common clock source helps synchronizing all the apparatuses and ensures that there are no timing errors during the broadcast.

The most popular studio clocks are in the form of a display, showing the time on the screen. They also come with additional features, to enhance your broadcasting experience.
Amongst the most famous models are Wharton 4900 and AEV Watch Timer.

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