AEV On-Air Warning Light

AEV Professional On-Air Warning Light

On-Air warning light by AEV

The ON AIR LIGHT is a device for attaching an instant-on lighting flag (Model AEV-0229010003) or wall-mounted (AEV-0229010002) to indoor or outdoor broadcasting and recording studios, the device can, however, be used for any situation that requires a visual signal.

The design of the device makes it extremely easy to install, and its sleek design differentiates it from other similar devices.

The light that displays the sign is ruby red, which is very effective and highly visible, even in bright and luminous environments.

Generally used to indicate to operators the zone of silence for the opening of microphones in the studio or in the presence of a speaker in transmission.

dimensions of AEV on-air warning light


The mains power supply must be applied using an appropriate external power supply, the power supply unit provides the DC voltage suitable for the operation of the device and is connected to the connector on the right side of the aluminum frame.

The contact (e.g. switch with NOC) is required to control the lamp ignition and can withstand a current of 1.5 mA; this contact will be applied to the two wires of the cable that is connected to the device.

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