GYRUS-High Power

GYRUS 50kW RF Science Amplifier, liquid-cooled

GYRUS Series FM Amplifiers Modules goes from 1kW to 2kW HIGH EFFICIENCY LDMOS FM AMPLIFIERS.

This Equipment solution allows the possibility to be easily upgraded with useful options, in order to meet all the customer needs, due to the manufacture process it is an accessible system and it opens to huge modular options.
The GYRUS's integrated CPU card allows a large number of monitoring parameter. An user-friendly menu visualized in a clear LCD display allows the configuration and setting of all the working parameters and the monitoring of the operating values.
With only 2 standard units, this amplifier can be used either as stand-alone amplifier or as basic component in higher power systems.

GYRUS solid state amplifier mount high-power 1,2kW LDMOS pallets that guarantees superior power redundancy and high reliability in all operating conditions. Thanks to the use of the last generation LDMOS devices, the efficiency is more than 82%, even work not at the nominal power and produce a very low harmonic distortion and intermodulation products, this feature allows to handle digital signals and makes GYRUS Series intrinsically "digital ready".
The final RF modules are completely broadband and self-protected against up to 65:1 mismatch level., moreover the high efficiency minimizes the heat dissipation and simplify the air cooled system. The use of modern Power Supply modules, with PFC technology allows a power factor better than 0,98 with high efficiency and spectral cleanliness towards the main power.

It fully complies with all international specifications.
The AC input power supply is "Full range", that allows constant performances even with AC input fluctuations. ROCK Series are equipped with protections against overvoltage, over-temperature and VSWR. TCP/IP SNMP telemetry and remote control are mount as an option.

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