Package 2kW FM Transmitter Antenna and Accessories 2 Bay Antenna

Package 2kW FM Transmitter 2 Bay Antenna and Accessories

Transmission Equipment for your Radio Station ready to set up

Complete Package composed by: 2kW Stereo FM Transmitter, 2 Bay Stainless Dipole Antenna System, 30 meters of 7/8 inch Coaxial Cable with connectors, grounding kit, hanging kit, Hoisting Grip and Wall/Roof Thru kit.

Package  2kW FM Transmitter with 2 bay Dipole FM Antenna and Accessories - Wide Band - Stainless

Article Reference code Description Quantity
FM_Transmitters SENSOR 2000 STEREO BROADCAST FM TRANSMITTER - SENSOR 2000W - Stereo - PROFESSIONAL RADIO EQUIPMENT - MEDIUM POWER HIGH EFFICIENCY COMPACT ANALOGUE - Composed by: SYNAPSE 30 STEREO and CELL 2000, 19"x4U occupancy. Hot Plug-In Power Supply.OPTIONS: Touch-Screen control logic available as an option. Full WEB/SNMP Remote control, Web page no use JAVA, able to work in any Browser Iphone, Android or any Table. RCM feature: Remote controll by Mail available as an option. 1
FM_Antennas TK-FM2-DipS716-716 FM antenna System wideband 88-108 Mhz, composed by 2 dipoles vertical polaritation, 1 power divider 2 outputs, and 2 jumper cables 2,5 meters max input power 2500W, input connector 7/16 , Omnidirectional pattern. Brackets and seal rubers included. Stainless steel - Gain= 5dBd 1
Coax_Cable EC4-50-HF-1/2 1/2" Coax Superflex Cable 30
Connectors CN716F12M Connector 7/16" for Foam Cable 1/2" Male 2
Connectors CAHOISTINGGRIP12 Connector Accessory Hoisting grip for coaxial cable 1/2" (1pc X Cable) 1
Connectors CAWALLFEEDTHRU12 Connector Accessory Wall/Roof feed through for coaxial cable 1/2" (1pc X Cable) 1
Connectors CAGNDKIT12 Connector Accessory Grounding kit for 1/2" cable (1pc. x cable) 1
Connectors CAHANGERKIT12 Connector Accessory Clamp Hanger kit & Adapter for 1/2" Cable (1pc. X meter) 30

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