Package 4kW FM Transmitter Antenna and Accessories 4 Bay Antenna

Package 4kW FM Transmitter 4 Bay Antenna and Accessories

Complete Package composed by: 4kW Stereo FM Transmitter, 4 Bay Stainless Dipole Antenna System, 30 meters of 7/8 inch Coaxial Cable with connectors, grounding kit, hanging kit, Hoisting Grip and Wall/Roof Thru kit.

Package  4kW FM Transmitter with 4 Bay Dipole FM Antenna and Accessories - Wide Band - Stainless

Article Reference code Description Quantity
FM_Transmitters CORTEX 4k/2 Modular high efficiency, Redundant Active Reserve FM Transmitter. Max. RF power out 4200W Composer by: 1 x 24U Rack, 1 x Synapse 30W Exciter, Nr. 2 CELL 2000 with max. 2500W output power, 1 x 2 way Splitter/Combiner. Over dimensioned Unbalanced Dummy Load: Each input is able to handle than 6kW. There are a total of 1 Dummy Loads Units with 1x6kW inputs.The lost of power in case of one module fault is virtually not perceptible. A unique Touch-Screen control logic control the full Transmitter, with full WEB/SNMP Remote control, web page no use JAVA, able to work in any browser IPhone, Android or Table without any additional option required. Hot Plug-In Power Supply. Stereo. AES/EBU (Option: Dynamic RDS) Full set of meassures on each sum point: FWD and REF for each Amplifier + FWD and REF for the output sum of the total Transmitter. Redundant Fans and Power Supply for the FANS with generation allarm in case of failure on one of the redundant power supply. Programmable timer derating power any hours or power for each day of the week, great energy saving. 1
FM_Antennas TK-FM4-DipS716-78 FM antenna System wideband 88-108 Mhz, composed for 4 dipoles vertical polaritation, 1 power divider 4 outputs, and 4 jumper cables 2,5 meters max input power 5000W, input connector 7/8 , Omnidirectional pattern. Brackets and seal rubers included. Stainless steel 1
Coax_Cable EC5-50-A-7/8 7/8" Coax Foam Cable Eupen @100MHZ Att=1,22dB Max Power=8kW 30
Connectors CN716F78FI Connector 7/16" for Foam Cable 7/8" Female + Inner 2
Connectors CAHOISTINGGRIP78 Connector Accessory Hoisting grip for coaxial cable 7/8" (1pc X Cable) 1
Connectors CAWALLFEEDTHRU78 Connector Accessory Wall/Roof feed through for coaxial cable 7/8" (1pc X Cable) 1
Connectors CAHANGERKIT78 Connector Accessory Clamp Hanger kit & Adapter for 7/8" Cable (1pc. X meter) 1
Connectors CAHANGERKIT78 Connector Accessory Clamp Hanger kit & Adapter for 7/8" Cable (1pc. X meter) 30
Connectors A78716FI Adapter 7/8 - 7/16 Female + Inner 1

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