Axel Falcon XT

Axel Falcon XT

Audio Processor by AxelTech

Axel Falcon XT audio processor, front

Audio Processor - Digital FM-Audio 5-Band Processor, MPX stereogenerator, SuperBass, Stereo Enhancer, BrillianceControl, Limiter LookAhead, Audio changeover, analog IN / OUT, digital and MPX.

Split MPX.Ethernet. Web Server. SNMP agent. GPIn eGPOut. Remote control SW. Automatic and GPS interface.

Axel Falcon XT audio processor, rear


FALCON XT is the top class digital audio processor that also features Stereo Generator and RDS Encoder. It’s the full optional and most prestigious equipment, designed for those broadcasters that really want to get the best performances.

FALCON XT ensures top quality performances and exclusive audio. It features powerful DPSs, 5-band architecture, dual band AGCs, 3-band equalizer, stereo enhancer, speech detector and 4 limiters. The comprehensive and accurate control of each audio parameter allows to shape perfectly the audio to broadcast unique and exceptional branded sound.

The LAN port and the built-in Web Server allow to control the processor and tune audio from anywhere. The built-in digital Stereo Generator ensures an extremely precise MPX Signal. The RDS Encoder (optional) is in compliance with UECP SPB490, provides 2 Data Set with a wide range of static services, including Radio Text.

FALCON XT features full connectivity with analog and digital I/O (over XLR connectors) and 2 independent MPX outputs, USB, GPI and serial ports. The hardware bypass circuit is always included to guarantee audio presence and audio programs continuity.

Axel Falcon XT audio processor

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