Mirage Dig Evo

FM Broadcast Audio Processor

Audio processor

Digital audio processor

The Mirage Dig Evolution processor is a fully digital audio processor, based on DSP technology. Mirage Dig Evo is a complete audio signal processing processor for AM, FM and TV broadcasts.

  • Digital audio inputs / outputs l AES / EBU and Optics
  • Balanced analog audio inputs / outputs
  • AES / EBU standard, 24 bit resolution
  • Low structural signal latency (3 ms)
  • Audio processing and compression on four bands
  • Input switching with selectable backup function
  • Logic for controlling and monitoring the input signal with automatic switching actuator
  • Monitor headphone output
  • AGC control on 4 bands
  • 8 equalization bands
  • Audio process structure on DSP devices
  • Stereo MPX digital coder
  • Remote control software
  • Remote control connection via Ethernet

Technical features

Frequency response 20Hz ÷ 20 KHz HD version; 20Hz ÷ 15 KHz FM version; 20Hz ÷ 10 KHz AM version
Stop band rejection   > 78 dB beyond 17 KHz
Noise > 65 dB in all conditions  (depends on the processing)
Total distortion  < 0,01 %
Total system separation > 67 dB (30 Hz – 15 kHz)

Configuration  Left and Right
Impedance 10 K ohm / 600 ohm balanced
CMRR > 45 dB from 30 to 15 Khz
A/D Conversion 192 kHz sample rate
Sensitivity ±12dBu
Maximum input level +15 dBu
Connector XLR-type, female

Pin 1 Chassis Pin 2 & 3 electronically balanced, floating and symmetrical

Digital input configuration AES 3 professional (IEC-60958)
Digital AES 3 Input Impedance 110 ohm Balanced
Digital AES 3 Input Connector XLR Female
Sample Rate Automatic lock 32 – 44.1 – 48 – 96 KHz
Resolution 24 Bit

Configuration Left and Right. Flat or pre-emphasized (50μS – 75μS)
Impedance 30 ohm electronically balanced and floating
Minimum load impedance 600 ohm
Maximum output level +15 dBu into 600 ohm load
Connector XLR-type, male

Pin 1 Chassis

Pin 2 and 3 electronically balanced, floating and symmetrical

Digital Output Sample Rate Software Selectable 32 – 44.1 – 48 – 96 KHz
Resolution 24 Bit
Digital Output configuration stereo AES 3 Transformer Balanced (IEC-60958)
Digital Output Impedance 110 ohm Balanced
Digital Output Level – 12.00 / 0 dBFS adjustable
Digital Output Connector XLR Male

Configuration one output
Pilot freq. 19 KHz ± 0.001% Max over temp.
Pilot injection +4 ÷ 12 %
Distortion < 0.005 % @1 kHz
Noise signal ratio 70 dB (Din Audio,Bypass mode) Typical
Stereo separation 60 dB Typical
Crosstalk Main to Sub Great 48 dB 30-15 kHz
Crosstalk Sub to Main Great 46 dB 30-15 kHz
38 kHz subcarrier suppression 70 dB Typical
76 kHz suppression 70 dB Typical
Composite audio level  0 ÷ 12dB
Connector BNC
Output impedance 50 ohm

Terminal Interface Ethernet / RS232- at rear, asynchronous
Data Input Full duplex
Format Selectable
Serial Transmission Speed 2400 ÷ 19600 baud
Connector RJ45 / RS232/ USB
Data management Microprocessor controlled

Non volatile memory Flash data retention 10 years
Logic I/O
Connector DB15 cannon female

Mains Voltage 90 – 260 Vac / 50 Hz full range
Dimension (WxHxD) 48,3 x 19,4 x 4,4 cm 1 rack unit
Weight 3,5 Kg.
Operating Temp. 0 ÷ 50° C.
Operating Humidity Max 95% non condensing

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  • HOT PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY for Instant replacement of the power supplies, easy maintenance, without off-air. The power supply plug-in modules can be safely removed from the front panel without interrupting the transmission.
  • SMP: Superior Modular Philosophy
  • MODULARITY with very light amplifier modules (less than 17kg/34lbs each)
  • Maximum Redundancy
  • Ultra compact size 2U for each amplifier module
  • DIRECT INTERNET CONNECTION: all the WIRED Line components have direct connection to internet without the help of any external box or accessories.
  • LOWEST LOST OF POWER OF THE MARKET IN CASE OF FAILURE OF ONE MODULE: Due to combination of 2kW amplifier modules, extremely low output power loss in case of failure.
  • TOTALLY MADE IN ALLUINUM: for minimum weight and robustness.
  • AIR PROTECTION: all the internal components are designed to avoid the direct contact with the air, mainly the air coming in from the fans, this avoid all the failures produced by the air corrosion.
  • MIRROR Network Mirror System:
  • TOUCH SCREEN BRAIN CONTROL UNIT: The control unit have the specific function to supervise the transmitter, even in case of failure of it (or turned off) manual control of the transmitter guarantee perfect operation.
  • Web control
  • Extremely detailed web control with all main parameters fully controllable and adjustable, available.
  • Weekly scheduler output power for energy consumption optimization management.
  • E-mails configuration available sent for any event.
  • Remotely upgradable