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What Equipment Do I Need to build an FM Radio Station?

So you’ve been dreaming about running your own radio station, and you have a good idea of what you will broadcast, but how do you know exactly what equipment you’ll need?  While there are endless bells and whistles you can purchase for professional radio broadcasting, there are a few key pieces of equipment you’ll need to get up and running.  Here is a breakdown of the basic equipment:

This is a frequent question a Broadcaster ask himself at the time to start in this way to put on air your dreams, and you have a some ideas of what to say.

At this point you have want to know what equipment you need

Follows is a list of the most important components of a Radio Station:


The FM Transmitter is the KING component of Radio FM.

Modulate from base band in am modulation to 87,5MHz to 108MHz in FM modulation

This low power signal is driving a power amplifier to obtain the proper power output needed and then transmits as radio waves that can be received in our radios.

There are a full range of FM broadcast Transmitters available from TEKO Broadcast:

AXON Is produced in a wide Range of Output Power: 30W (30 watts), 50W (50 watts), 60W (60 watts), 100W (100 watts), 150W (150 watts), 300W (300 watts), 500W (500 watts), 600W (600 watts), 1000W (1000 watts, 1kW) and 1200W (1200 watts, 1,2kW).

Analogue Frequency Modulation from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz. Japanese (JPN) JAPAN, Russian (OIRT 66 - 47 MHz) and more bands are options available

The FM Exciter is devoting to take-in the Base Band or Audio Input and to create the RF Signal, with frequency modulation to be transmitted.

The Base Band Inputs are: Mono, Left & Right, Composed MPX or Digital AES/EBU.

The base band signal, inside the Modulator, suffer several electronic process to obtain the 75kHz frequency deviation.

In case of an Stereo Fm Transmitter, the Left and Right channels are coding to get the composed signal MPX to be transmitted.

Depending on settings Pre-emphasis is applied

Once the base band composite MPX signal is completely process is carried to the VCO to be modulated and converting this amplitude information in frequency modulation information.

The quality of this process have direct impact on the final quality of the sound of the radio.

The last link on the equipment chain, responsible of transmit all the quality of the audio is the FM Modulator.

Our FM Transmitter are all High Efficiency in Air cooled or Liquid cooled. They can be Stereo or Mono, Analog and Digital DDS with Frequency Modulation on Oirt and Japan Band. All of them can be Remote Control Telemetry TCP/IP, WEB, SMS, GSM. High Quality Dynamic RDS coder are available as option.

Radio Link Transmitter and Radio Link Receiver and directive Yagi or Parabolic Antenna

The Radio link is used in the case it's needed to bring the encoded MPX signal from one point to another. The typical case is when the studios are on the city and the transmitter, to have a better coverage is on the top of a mountain or in to top of a big building.

So, the MPX signal coming from a Audio Processor or Stereo Coder is


The antenna sends and receives radio signals. TEKO Broadcast can help you determine which FM Antenna is best for your particular application.

Transmission Lines

Transmission lines transport your signal locally, from one location to another.  For example from the FM Transmitter up the tower to the FM Antenna. These lines are usually in the form of coaxial cables. There are also short range transmitters used in AM and FM broadcasting. For example, it can take the broadcast from the studio to the location of the transmitter. This is also known as an STL Transmitter or Studio to Transmitter Link.

Audio Processor

The audio processor improves and optimizes the sound quality.  There are a variety of audio processors available from TEKO Broadcast. Most are stand alone processors which are connected to the FM transmitter. This component can be replaced by software on computer-based radio broadcasts.


A mixer allows the operator to combine multiple audio signals and control various aspects of how they sound, including level and equalization.


Monitor speakers will be required to hear the contents of your broadcast.  It is recommended that speakers designed for music studios be used, as they can give you the most accurate representation of the signal.


Audio cables link various components of your broadcast studio to each other, allowing your signal to flow from one piece of equipment to another.

Audio Playback Component

Depending on what you intend to broadcast on your radio station, there are various options available for audio playback.  These include CD players, tape machines, or vinyl record players.  Most modern radio stations use a computer in conjunction with one or all of the previously mentioned playback devices.

FM Transmitters Products WIRED LINE SYNAPSE:

  • SYNAPSE: Low Power FM Transmitter
  • AXON: High End Compact Low Power and Medium Power FM Transmitter
  • NEURAL: DDS Direct Digital synthesis Compact Low Power and Medium Power FM Transmitter
  • SENSOR: Medium Power FM Transmitters made of Amplifier and Exciter Union
  • CORTEX: High Power Modular Architecture FM Transmitters
  • CELL: FM Amplifier module & RF Pulse Amplifier
  • GYRUS: High Power Modular Combined Architecture FM and RF Amplifiers

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