Double Dipole FM Panel

FM Antenna: Double Dipole FM Panel

These wide band FM antennas are particularly recommended for directional medium Output Power Transmitters It’s robustness makes it ideal for any climatic condition all the models are made of stainless steel with PTFE insulator. All the metal parts are electrically grounded

Double Dipole FM Panel

These advanced and stainless steel panel antennas are successfully used in high power antenna system arrays. The standard application of the panel antenna is to be mounted on one side of the transmitting tower for radiating systems with directional coverage. Whenever a circular pattern on a large area should be achieved, four antennas can be mounted in correspondence of the four sides of the transmitting tower. An accurate testing processed is carried out at factory on each antenna to control the compliance to all the stated figures.

Available in these configurations:

  • TKAPL1/16 Steinless Steel Panel Dipole, 2kW, 7/16 Connector
  • TKAPL1/F Stainless Steel Panel Dipole, 3kW, 7/8 Flange
  • TKAPL1/N Stainless Steel Panel Dipole, 800W, N Connector
  • TKAPL5/16 Stainless Steel Doble Panel Dipole,2kW,7/16 Connector
  • TKAPL5/F Stainless Steel Doble Panel Dipole,5kW,7/8 EIA Flange

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