Antenna Yagi fm

3 and 5 Elements FM Yagi Directional Antenna in Stainless Steel

These wide band FM antennas are particularly recommended for directional medium Output Power Transmitters it’s robustness makes it ideal for any climatic condition all the models are made of stainless steel with PTFE insulator. All the metal parts are electrically grounded.

Yagi FM

These wideband directional antennas are available in two versions with 3 or 5 elements. They are made of stainless steel and are especially designed for medium and high output power transmitters. The robust design of these antennas make them suitable for any climate conditions and lifetime duration, high quality and selected materials have been used in any details: all insulator are made of PTFE and screw are stainless steel. The metallic parts are electrically grounded. The ADR3 model is also available for 140-174 MHz band and 174-215 Mhz, these aerials can be disassembled in two parts, thus allowing lower freighting costs.

Available in these configurations:

  • TKADR3/N 3 Elements, Stainless Steel, 800W, N Connector
  • TKADR3/16 3 Elements, Stainless Steel, 2kW, 7/16 Connector
  • TKADR3/F 3 Elements, Stainless Steel, 3kW, 7/8 EIA Flange

YAGI ANTENNA: technical features

- The series of vertically polarized Yagi antennas is designed for the FM transmission band (87.5 -108 MHz);
- The radiation pattern is directional. Multiple antennas can be combined to create the pattern required by the customer;
- Suitable for single-channel or wideband operation with multi-channel;
- channel combiners;
- Easy installation (antenna is shipped already assembled, simply attach to pole with supplied brackets);
- Available with the following connectors: N (max 600W), DIN 7/16 (max 1400W), EIA 7/8 (max 3500W);
- Gain: 5 dBd.

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