Drive-In FM Transmitter-Cinema and Movies-50W

FM Transmitter for Drive-In Movie Theater 50W-Complete Turnkey Package
Designed for Drive-In movie, theater, cinema, religious ceremonies, live concert and event purpose.

Stereo coder included. Ready to connect to Left and Right audio inputs coming from audio Mixer Console or other Stereo audio source.

Complete Package composed by: 50W Stereo FM Transmitter, 1 Bay Aluminum Dipole Antenna System, 30 meters of 1/2 inch Coaxial Cable with connectors and grounding kit

Give a cinema experience in your backyard or manage a drive-in cinema, what you need is an FM transmitter to transmit the film's audio to FM radios.
Our compete turnkey package guarantees excellent quality in terms of audio and coverage, making watching a movie outdoors, seen comfortably from your car, an unsurpassed experience!

How an FM Transmitter works to Broadcast Audio on a DRIVE-IN movie

A brief resume of Drive-in

How do drive in movies get sound?

How do you get sound at a drive in movie?

How does sound work at a drive in movie?

In the past the drive-in operator gives you a portable radio tuned at the frequency of the program.

Modern Cars has high fidelity audio in Car sound system and the new films use many sound effects.

For this reason on modern Drive-in to use the own car radio is preferable.

When you come in to the show you must tune your radio at the frequency used by the Drive-in to get the audio of the movie. The right frequency is shown on the advertisement on the screen an on several signs.

What radio station is drive in?

The one choose for the operator of the Drive-in. It change depending on the free frequency available on the area.

How do drive-in movies distribute the sound on the cars?

Like a normal FM radio broadcast the sound to their listener: with an FM Transmitter

How FM transmitter works for drive-in?

Using the Car Radio to tune the selected frequency of the Drive-in operator to hear the function.

What are the equipment needed for a Drive-in spectacle?

  • Screen
  • Video projector
  • DVD player or Computer with an output to the Video Projector
  • FM Radio Transmitter
  • Antenna
  • Cables to interconnect all the equipment

How it works?

  • The Player send the image to the Video projector
  • The Player send the Audio to the FM Transmitter
  • The operator select a frequency free on the area they are located
  • The operator set the selected frequency on the FM Transmitter.
  • The Audience tune on the car radio the frequency selected.
  • The audio of the movie or the religious ceremonies is heard on the Car Radio

What are the applications?

Entertainment, Live Concerts, movies, theatre, religious ceremonies, Church and emergency departments.

Why to use an FM Broadcast Transmitter?

  • All the cars has a Car Radio
  • Often the sound of the modern cars are Hi Fidelity powerful audio with optimum quality.
  • The transmission of FM is the most reliable and cheep technology known nowadays.
  • The quantity of users is unlimited.
  • The covered area depends exclusively on the power set on the FM Transmitter. Typically, from 200 meters up to 15 km.
  • Receiving the sound on the own radio guarantees social distance from other spectators
  • Using the own car radio is safe, spectators don’t touch nothing outside the car and no equipment is needed to provide them (in the old Drive-in was usual they give you a small radio with loudspeaker to hear the function.

A walk around the problem of social distance to protect yourself from Covid

Sometimes they come back! After Coronavirus, the prospect is that nothing will be like before, an impression that is filling our days, something that indicates a sort of change in change, concepts that want to think of something new but to indicate the return of others. The health emergency that hit the world forces us to keep the social distance to safeguard our health, unfortunately modernity has integrated everything except social isolation, so there is a need to somehow reinvent the leisure activities that characterized our free time, including watching a movie with friends in the cinema.
This activity has been discontinued and postponed to future and uncertain times. But there is something that exactly replaces the pleasant experience of watching a cinematographic or theatrical show respecting the sanitary rules,the drive-in that made so much dream past generations.!
The low power FM radio transmitters, complete with antenna, cables and connectors for the service of the operator, ensure the audio reception of shows or religious cults directly from your car radio, ensuring high efficiency audio resolution: the viewer will only have to tune your car radio at a free frequency.
The professional radio transmitters of our brand, completely made in Italy, guarantee exceptional sound reception and radio communication performance. Teko Broadcast is among the top brands in the telecommunications sector serving fm products such as fm transmitters or radio station equipment for medical, military and special applications.

drive in fm transmitter cinema and movies 50W teko broadcast

To go back to the past we offer you this pack, equipped with the technology necessary to meet this new market request. Our package includes a Stereo Low Power FM Transmitter, with stereo and audio processor built-in, immediately ready to be connected both to a studio console mixer and to a stereo audio source (left and right).

We give you the opportunity to relive the experience to watching a movie comfortably in the car. Thanks to our complete drive-in package, only the screen will be missing and you're done!
The FM transmitter together with Antenna and Accessories allows you to enjoy excellent listening through the car radio or a portable FM receiver, each tuned to a different FM frequency.

  • Flexible Cover: so that the cover is contained according to your needs, we guarantee an output power that can be adjusted according to different needs.
  • Omnidirectional transmission: The transmission performance of the device is guaranteed, it can transmit sounds on any FM frequency.
  • Excellent quality sound: Our brand entirely made in Italy guarantees high sound quality and RF performance among the highest in the telecommunications sector.
  • Different languages: For different needs, with the appropriate technologies we allow the free choice of listening languages to guarantee viewers of different nationalities to enjoy the film shown.

What Teko Broadcast offers the customer is the experience of reliving the memory of a few decades ago repeated in the present. If you are looking for a way to relive the vision of an outdoor movie, what we give you is the right support to the realization of your need, our offer will guarantee you a high quality show will be incredibly possible thanks to our FM transmitter and accessories.

Article Reference code Description Quantity
FM_Antennas TK-FM1-DipAN FM antenna wideband 88-108 Mhz, dipole vertical polaritation, max input power 800W, input connector N female, Brackets included. Aluminum 1
Coax_Cable CCFRG213 Coax Cable Foam RG213U at 100MHZ Att=6,2dB Max Power=1kW 30
Connectors CNNFRG213 Connector N for Foam Cable RG213 2
Connectors CAGNDKITRG213 Connector Accessory Grounding kit for RG213 cable (1pc. x cable) 1

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  • HOT PLUG-IN POWER SUPPLY for Instant replacement of the power supplies, easy maintenance, without off-air. The power supply plug-in modules can be safely removed from the front panel without interrupting the transmission.
  • SMP: Superior Modular Philosophy
  • MODULARITY with very light amplifier modules (less than 17kg/34lbs each)
  • Maximum Redundancy
  • Ultra compact size 2U for each amplifier module
  • DIRECT INTERNET CONNECTION: all the WIRED Line components have direct connection to internet without the help of any external box or accessories.
  • LOWEST LOST OF POWER OF THE MARKET IN CASE OF FAILURE OF ONE MODULE: Due to combination of 2kW amplifier modules, extremely low output power loss in case of failure.
  • TOTALLY MADE IN ALLUINUM: for minimum weight and robustness.
  • AIR PROTECTION: all the internal components are designed to avoid the direct contact with the air, mainly the air coming in from the fans, this avoid all the failures produced by the air corrosion.
  • MIRROR Network Mirror System:
  • TOUCH SCREEN BRAIN CONTROL UNIT: The control unit have the specific function to supervise the transmitter, even in case of failure of it (or turned off) manual control of the transmitter guarantee perfect operation.
  • Web control
  • Extremely detailed web control with all main parameters fully controllable and adjustable, available.
  • Weekly scheduler output power for energy consumption optimization management.
  • E-mails configuration available sent for any event.
  • Remotely upgradable