DM Vibe 3

DM Vibe 3

Audio Processor by DM Broadcast

DM Vibe 3 audio processor, front

Audio Processor - AUDIO PROCESSOR-3-Bands Audio Processor with Built-in RDS encoder & stereo Generator.

Graphic Display, incremental encoder. 60dB 30- 15KHz Stereo separation, RDS 25 PS, 25 Radiotext (64 fonts), 24 AF lists.

Inputs: SCA, analog on blanced XLR.

DM Vibe 3 audio processor, rear


The 3-band audio processor with integrated RDS Encoder offers a wide range of functions, in particular it allows you to read music tracks and interacts with radio automation.

Graphic display. Incremental encoder. 60dB 30-15KHz. Stereo separation, RDS 25 PS, radio text 25 (64 characters), 24 AF lists, Input: SCA, analog and balanced XRL, AES / EBU, LAN input for streaming.

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