Orban OPTIMOD 8600Si

Orban OPTIMOD 8600Si


Orban OPTIMOD 8600Si audio processor

The OPTIMOD 8600 audio processor was a success as soon as it was introduced.
The 8600 had greatly improved MX peak limiter technology that reduced distortion by increasing transient punch and high frequency power handling capability.

An efficient switching power supply ensures that the 8600 runs cool even in a crowded rack. The 8600Si includes simultaneous processing for FM and digital broadcasts such as netcast, DAB + and HD radio.

Orban OPTIMOD 8600Si audio processor, rear view

The Audio Processor 8600Si

OPTIMOD 8600Si provides stereo optimization, equalization, AGC, multi-band compression, low IM peak limitation, stereo encoding and composite limitation - all that even the most competitive market station needs to stand out on the dial. More than 20 excellent sounding, format-specific factory presets get you started. While factory presets are completely competent "outside the box," you can adjust them with a simple control with a single LESS-MORE knob. With the Full Control option, you can further customize your audio. Orban's quick setup, which is a guided sequence of screens through the 8600Si setup, is the easiest way to get your station live quickly.

Quick setup

This feature provides a wizard and systematic procedure for configuring the 8600Si. 

Factory preset and control MINUS PLUS

The OPTIMOD 8600Si is equipped with a variety of factory presets that you can use as a basis for creating your own distinctive sound. Orban is happy to help you find the perfect setup for your station. 

Six processing facilities

You can select from six five-band (or "multi-band") processing structures for consistent "processed" sound with a 17 ms delay (typical), free of unwanted side effects, five low latency bands (12 ms delay), five ultra low latency bands (3.7 ms delay) and two bands (17 or 22 ms delay) for transparent sound that preserves the frequency balance of the original program material. In addition, the 8600Si has two "MX" processing structures - one five-band and one two-band - which include the unique and advanced MX peak limiting technology to reduce distortion while achieving substantial improvements in transient punch and high frequency clarity.


The "True Peak" control is available for digital radio processing with an accuracy better than 0.5 dB. For typical program material, the accuracy is 0.2 dB.

ITU BS-412 Multiplex Power Supply Control

An improved BS-412 multiplex power controller provides a new user adjustable program adaptation algorithm to make operation smoother and thinner. ITU-R BS.1770-3 + Loudness Control is available for digital and analog radio processing chains in countries that impose a BS.1770 volume limit on digital and/or analog radio transmissions.

ITU-R BS.1770-4 Loudness Control

Volume Control is available for digital radio and analog radio processing chains in countries that impose a BS.1770 volume limit on digital and/or analog radio transmissions.

Orban OPTIMOD 8600Si audio processor, monitor view

Low Delay DJ Monitor Output

Features like the MX limiter add a delay that makes it impractical for talents to monitor all processing facilities in the headset. Therefore, the 8600Si offers a low delay monitor output that takes audio from the output of the multi-band compressor and has an approximate delay of 4 ms. This allows the talent / DJ to comfortably monitor the processed audio off-air with headphones.

10 MHz reference input

A 10 MHz reference input allows you to lock the stereo pilot tone frequency and composite digital output sampling frequency to a 10 MHz reference signal (such as GPS), facilitating single frequency network (SFN) and near single frequency network operation (N-SFN).


The 8600Si has a full-featured RDS / RBDS generator that supports static and dynamic RDS values. 

Bypass test mode and tone generator

You can call up a test bypass mode locally, via remote control or automation to perform a transmission system test or to easily compare the original and processed sound. A built-in line-up sound generator makes it easy to set the level quickly and accurately.

SNMP support

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows you to monitor the status of your OPTIMOD and send alarm notifications via your OPTIMOD's Ethernet connection to your network.

Remote control or operation from the front panel

The 8600You can conveniently configure and operate it using the supplied Windows PC software using the local network or the Internet. Alternatively, you can choose to use the unit via the front panel.

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