Back to the pleasure of a Drive-in Movie Theatre after Pandemic Quarantine

Back to the pleasure of a Drive-in Movie Theatre after Pandemic Quarantine


The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the rules of our life

This pandemic has put a strain on all of us: overnight we have seen our habits supplanted by hard style of life, controlled and undermining our freedom. The health emergency that hit the world forces us to keep the social distance to safeguard our health. All types of gatherings were prohibited, we had to abandon all the activities normally do: Outdoor; sports activities, see our loved ones, go to restaurant, bar, Live concerts, Church… Fortunately, something will help us to taste some of the pleasures of the past, while respecting the new health rules!: the come back to the Drive-in movie theatres

The Social Distance

The social distance and quarantine of the lockdown has affected all the countries in the world. The social distance suddenly takes the place of the accelerated and unceasing routine of modern society. Some activities, now are slowly back to normalize by others like: go to the cinema, to live concerts, participate to religious ceremonies or other place of cult, is not predictable when will come back to the normality and some of them probably will never come. The fear, sometimes the panic of crowded spaces is the natural psychological disease consequence of Coronavirus. There is the urgent need to reinvent the leisure activities that characterized our free time, even for simple things like watching a movie with friends, participate to a live concert or to Church life or other religious ceremonies.

Technology tries to fill the void created in the religious and entertainment world, after Covid the world has changed definitively and other things will come back from the past.

In compliance with the right restrictions imposed to overcome the health emergency by COVID-19, all popular demonstrations have been banned. After Coronavirus, the prospect is that nothing will be like before, an impression that is filling our days, something that indicates a sort of change in change, concepts that want to think of something new but to indicate the return of others. Many activities have been discontinued and postponed to future and uncertain times, but there is something that in some way replaces the pleasant experience of watching a cinematographic or theatrical show while respecting the sanitary rules: "The Drive-in movie theatre". The idea of restoring the drive-in as an ideal solution to the limitation imposed.

Technology tries to fill the void created in the religious and entertainment world, after Covid the world has changed definitively and other things will come back from the past.

What are the applications?

Entertainment, Live Concerts, Movies, Theatre, Religious Ceremonies, Church and emergency departments, Sport events, Spectacles.

Advantage of Drive-in movie theatre and religious ceremonies

With the protection of the passenger compartments, hygiene rules are respected to prevent any type of contagion by responding to the need for a well-deserved convivial moment of sharing comfortably seated in your car.

A bit of history about the Drive-in

Based on the famous model of the drive-in cinema in the United States of the 50s, a large space is exploited such as a parking, a football field, a stadium, where the participants, parking their car, participate to a ritual or cinema or concert without having to get out of the car.

How audio works for Drive-In?

The low power FM radio transmitters , complete with antenna, cables and connectors at the service of the manager (whether it a technical, a priest, a pastor, or any person) ensure the audio reception of celebrations at the altar or religious cults or the stage of a Live Concert or the Movie, directly from your car radio: the audience will just tune their car radio to a known frequency.

Why to use an FM Broadcast Transmitter?

  • All the cars has a Car Radio
  • Often the sound of the modern cars are High Fidelity powerful audio with optimum quality.
  • The transmission of FM is the most reliable and cheep technology known nowadays.
  • The quantity of users is unlimited.
  • The covered area depends exclusively on the power set on the FM Transmitter . Typically, from 200 meters up to 15 km.
  • Receiving the sound on the own radio guarantees social distance from other spectators
  • Using the own car radio is safe, spectators don't touch nothing outside the car and no equipment is needed to provide them (in the old Drive-in was usual they give you a small radio with loudspeaker to hear the function.

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