How to Turn on First Time SENSOR 2000 Watt FM Transmitter

How to Turn on First Time SENSOR 2000 Watt FM Transmitter

SENSOR 600W 1200W 2000W FM TRANSMITTER High Performances & Fully Customizable TRANSMITTER QUICK START On the SENSOR Series Transmitters the Output power must be set exclusively from the CELL 2000 Amplifier. The output power of the SYNAPSE 30/50 Exciter must be set fixed at 10W and is not necessary to change, moreover, keeping it at 10W the maximum performances in terms of efficiency are achieved. The sequence is: MAIN MENU-PROGRAM MODE-FW PROGRAM-FWD SET The steps to set the power from the CELL 2000 are as follows: • Start from the Main menu • Go to the menù PROGRAM MODE and push Enter • Go to the menù to set the power and push Enter • Set the power with the keys Up and Down and push Enter Press ESC to return to the Main menù CONNECTIONS SENSOR 2000 ATTENTION PLEASE CELL 2000 has a HIGH GAIN input so it needs only 800mW to work as power driving. So it’s very important don’t put higher power in the input to avoid the risk of damage of the input amplifier. For this reason is provided togheter with the transmitter an 10dB attenuator and it’s mandatory this is connected to between the ouput of the exciter and the input of the amplifier. This is one of the biggest highligths of this kind of transmitter, in fact: 1) The exciter works always over a 50 Ohm load. 2) The amplifier has always perfect 50 Ohms input amd, because it’s handle only 800 mW it’s capable to turn internally ON/OFF the input power in case of protection of the output amplifier.

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