FM Dipole Antenna-Stainless


Omnidirectional Broadband Vertical Polarization, Guaranteed Quality Manufacture

FM Dipole Antenna Stainless-Wideband 88-108 Mhz, dipole vertical polaritation, max input power 800W, input connector N female, Brackets included-Gain 2dB

These dipole antennas are rugged broadband aerials especially designed for arrays composed of several elements.
The dipole is made of stainless steel to provide high corrosion resistance, for a lifetime duration and operation in any climate conditions.
A thick internal ground connection across the feeding line assures heavy duty service and protection in case of lightning.
The design of the internal lines and PTFE insulator provide reliability and long lasting operation for power ratings.
An accurate testing process is carried out at factory on each of these dipoles to control the compliance to all the stated figures.

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